Interview: FnkAsia (Huma Adnan)  For: BRIDAL LOUNGE

Interview: FnkAsia (Huma Adnan) For: BRIDAL LOUNGE

Bridal Lounge sits down with the ever-so-edgy designer, Huma Adnan to talk about her brand, FnkAsia and latest bridal wear trends she predicts for 2016!

1. What’s your design philosophy?
When I started out I wanted to give a bohemian identity to the women of subcontinent. I felt that there was a need of fashion that would be accepted by all universally and won’t just be called ethnic fashion or fusion fashion. It should be something that’s smart and elegant to wear which should also indirectly depict the region its coming from. This is why I introduced vibrant print and got into embroideries and texture, modern philosophy of cuts and drapes and patterns. This defines my design philosophy really.

2. FnkAsia started off as an ethnic brand, with clothes fit for a hip crowd, how did the bridal shift come about?
It’s not really a bridal shift, I would say it’s more of a formal-evening wear that I wanted to get into and not now, I’ve been working on it for years. I still do prêt wear, but I felt there was a huge need for this kind of statement making party wear which girls would not find anywhere else. So instead of doing the typical evening wear and bridals, I wanted to bring in that edgy and flamboyant feeling to my formal-evening wear designs.

When I started my FnkAsia day wear, there was monotonous fashion circulating the markets and I wanted to break away from that. I was the one who brought in the change, so I think I can easily be called the pioneer or edgy and fusion fashion in Pakistan. Incidentally, I wanted to follow the same path for my semi-bridals and formal wear.

3. What’s your bridal collection focused at?
My bridal collection is focused at people who are young at heart, who want to take risks and stand out from the crowd.

4. What kind of silhouettes is it offering?
The silhouettes I’m offering are very modern, contemporary but very wearable at the same time. The cuts that I’m focusing on are one-above what I was doing for my prêt line. I’m still doing my jumpsuits, palazzos, drapes, short and long cuts – I’m offering a variety of cuts which I feel different people will enjoy wearing.

FnkAsia Huma Adnan Bridal Lounge

5. According to you what’s the Bridal trend for 2016?
The bridal trend according me would be the pastels. They’re here to stay. People have made a conscious shift from regular bright colors like maroon, oranges, greens, and reds to softer hues like grays and brows and skin tones. It’s one thing that’s come up that I’m loving too. In my collection I have used subtle colors, but the way they have been used by mix-matching textures is very edgy and modern.

6. What’s one trend you think should die down by 2016?
I think the longer lengths in bridals should get cut down a bit. It’s been done to death. Although long length looks graceful, it should be done in layers rather than one chopped version of long-length. Layers would add a regal aura to the outfit.

7. Being a jewelry designer as your forte, what’s that one jewelry trend you’re hopeful would get picked on by brides in 2016?
Jewelry also has a statement making feature onto it. It’s a very important component in everyone’s everyday dressing as it makes or breaks an outfit. Abroad, people are going more towards the organic jewelry that I’ve been doing since ages. Jewelry that I make is made up of fabrics and threads etc and I’m going to continue doing that, but also jazz it up a bit by adding metals and beads too.

I feel the bridal jewelry also needs to take up the organic element into them, it has become too boring and monotonous (like clothes) over the years. It should be able to stand out, and one way that could be done is by adding contemporary touches to it, be it as ear-cuff or side cuff or hand pieces.

8. How comfortable are brides at experimenting with different new look/cuts and colors for their bridal-wear?
You know, younger brides especially those who have either lived or travelled abroad are very experimental with their looks. They are open to incorporating all sorts of new and quirky cuts that I’m doing. Most of my clientele in fact, is foreign based. They’re always in a dilemma of whether to follow their mother’s traditional fashion or with the modern, contemporary one and they go towards a fusion. They want to represent their home-ground, be it Pakistan or India, and also showcase their current personality from where they’re living, be it US or Canada. And this is where my clothes fit in perfectly.

9. How do clients of your perceive the latest trend or an out of the box idea?
My clients are always thinking west, ahead and of the future so they’re pretty much open to fashioning latest trends and an out of the box idea.

10. How important do you think it is for brides and grooms to complement each other?
Oh, I think it’s very important. Because if a girl has opt for an Eastern look and the boy is wearing a Western attire like a tuxedo, then I don’t think they would look really good together. They should communicate before hand and sync with each other at the wedding day.

11. One advice you’d like to give to brides to keep in mind while picking their trousseau?
When brides are going out to pick out and buy their trousseau, they need to keep in mind that there is a lot of money and capital involved at buying such a thing so they need to be careful at who they’re going for, their design and color sensibility and the name behind it. All these things matter because then you’d be able to pass it down to their daughters etc. If they like a certain style, but it doesn’t suit them, they should really listen to the designer and place their trust in their hands. It’s crucial for the girls to understand the philosophy of the designer before opting for a certain designer.

FnkAsia Huma Adnan Bridal Lounge